Commercial Kitchens

A well designed kitchen from Millenium Construction will enable you to prepare and serve food quickly for a huge range of customers.

The kitchen is at the heart of every catering facility whether it is in a restaurant, school, workplace or more. However many chefs put up with a badly designed kitchen with poor worktops which has a negative effect on their work.

Our team has years of experience in fitting, constructing and refurbishing quality commercial kitchens for many award winning restaurants. So whether you want a complete refurbishment or a new kitchen fitted we provide a service that is unmatched by our competitors. Every kitchen we provide and fit will be tailored to all the needs of your chefs and restaurant to ensure you are achieving the maximum potential that your kitchen presents. We are able to offer customers a quick project turnaround rate if requested.

If you require more information about our services, please do not hesitate to call us onĀ 01202 519933 or 07788 511229

Millenium Construction commercial kitchen services:

Bespoke kitchen plan unique to you and your business

Fitting and construction of new kitchens with features like larders

Good ventilation systems to ensure the temperature is well balanced

Provide kitchen furnishings like stainless steel worktops, cupboards and more

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